Automotive Detailer and Opti-Coat
 Installer in St. Louis, MO

If you are looking for the best auto detailer and coating professional in St. Louis, look no further. A&G Auto Spa is the area's premier installer for the most advanced vehicle coatings on the market including Opti-Coat and we also offer extensive and meticulous interior detailing services. We are well known for installing hundreds of premium coatings on luxury brands such as Tesla, BMW, Mercedes Benz, and many more. With over 63 years of detailing experience, highly-trained technicians, and results backed by handfuls of driver testimonials, we're the easy choice for your next coating, paint correction, and detail job. Call A&G Auto Spa today, where “We love to love your car!”

Full-Service Detailing

Our experienced technicians will make every inch of your vehicle, inside and out, look their best no matter the age. By using premier hand washing techniques coupled with cutting edge products, we make sure your vehicle shines and is protected for years to come. Contact us today and give your favorite vehicle the spa day it deserves.
A&G Auto Spa & Mobile Detailing

Unrivaled  Passion 

A&G Auto Spa was founded on the principle that no matter the make, model or year, all vehicles deserve to be loved. Our technicians are highly-trained and see detailing not as a job, but as an art. This incredible passion means you get an unrivaled service that cannot be found anywhere in St.Louis except at A&G.

Mobile Detailing Services

With two full-service mobile detailing crews, we are able to detail your vehicles wherever they might be. Available rain or shine, our experienced mobile detailers are ready to make your vehicle stand out in a sea of dirty cars. A $45 fee is added for all mobile appointments. All services can also be done at our state of the art facility in Maryland Heights without incurring the additional fee. 
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