Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film
Paint protection film, commonly known as clear auto bra, is one of the best forms of protection for your vehicles. Virtually invisible when installed by our experienced technicians, the clear film acts as a sacrificial barrier between road debris and your vehicles paint.
Our Xpel Ultimate film is resistant to staining from bird poop and bug splatter and also has self healing properties. This means that no matter the amount of dings, small scratches, and etchings, your car will stay looking its best for years.

Coverage Options

Our various coverage options allow us to be flexible with our pricing and offer some level of protection regardless of budget. Our Paint Protection Film is machine cut for each specific vehicle to ensure edges are wrapped for maximum protection.

What Makes Us Different?

True Correction Before Installation
Unlike most shops that install Clear Auto Bra, we will make sure that the paint underneath your clear bra is looking great. Rather than hiding the scratches with the film, we will polish the paint to remove surface scratches before installation. This results in a higher level of gloss and a longer lasting product, for you the customer.
You Car Will Be Returned Clean
Regardless of the condition that your car arrived in, we will make sure it gets a scratch-free hand wash before your arrival. That way you can leave, knowing your car is protected and looking its best.

The Ultimate Protection

Combine one of our ceramic coatings with a paint protection film install and your car will stay show ready no matter the amount of time you spend behind the wheel! 
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